Dying with dignity: About Community Hospice and palliative care

Community Hospice’s approach to patients is palliative (relief), with the sole aim of comforting you when a cure is impossible.

What is hospice care?

Of course nobody likes to think about death, let alone plan for it. With modern advances in medicine, it is tempting to think that ANY disease is curable. But sadly, we are still mortal. Some diseases just won’t go away. However, there is a comforting, dignified solution that combines the best in modern understanding of pain relief with the ancient wisdom of letting someone prepare to die when his or her time has come. This is hospice care.


Hospice is about letting someone who is ready to die go in peace, as painlessly as possible, not about taking a life. Many people do not understand this vital distinction. Often, attempting heroic measures to prolong a life by a few weeks or months only causes more suffering and stress. Hospice is designed to back away from that, calm down, and keep the patient comfortable as the end approaches.

In-home care

Community Hospice believes that if your disease is terminal, you deserve to die with dignity at home, pain-free, surrounded by all that you love to say goodbye in the way you see it. We are first and foremost about giving you peace of mind and spirit exactly at a time when that seems elusive. Services provided by our hospice are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our mission

“Giving you peace of mind by providing quality care in the security of familiar, comfortable surroundings.” We are here to make sure that people at their most difficult time get the best care possible. We provide a service to the community in an intensely personal time of need.

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